Turrigenous is a progressive metal band based out of New York City, NY, USA. Their sound can be described as unique: at times heavy and dissonant, sometimes soft and harmonious, but always meticulously orchestrated, detailed and precise.

Vocalist and guitarist Greg Giordano has toured opening for Soilwork and Fear Factory, Testament, Anthrax and more. Most recently he played guitar for Holy Mother on their latest release, Face this Burn, and toured the EU with Holy Mother opening for Dynazty.

Guitarist John Vullo is a well known YouTuber whose extensive instructional videos of Allan Holdsworth material have garnered well over half a million views, even catching the attention of musicians such as Rick Beato and Fredrik Thordendal.

In addition to his work in Turrigenous, drummer Randall Reekstin also plays for the NYC death metal legends Immortal Suffering.

Finally, bassist Victoria Pietrzak is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and educator currently taking classes at Columbia University.

Turrigenous’ upcoming studio album, Vesper, the Evening Star, is a conceptual journey but also a showcase of its members’ innumerable talents. Ranging from virtuosic musicianship to brutality to the ambiance of a string chamber, Vesper is sure to captivate the listener.